Re/consider Dissemination

OUR VISION – The primary motivation behind this series of events is to breakdown the closed circuits of niche communities like those of academia, the art world, activists, etc… and promote the re/consideration of how important scientific ideas and research are translated and applicable throughout various communities and scenarios. Information becomes more valuable when it moves beyond the invisible barriers constructed by our social networks.

These exhibitions were conceptualized in response to the American Anthropological Association’s call for “Innovents” – Innovative Events and Installations – at their annual meetings. We were inspired to take a creative approach to research dissemination and I was personally very motivated to find out how different people, with their varied individual experiences on the planet, and media to translate them, would “define” the same postulation.

What our initial conversations and subsequent interactions have become is truly incredible and so very humbling. We can’t wait to install these concepts – as translated by dozens, so far, of brilliant minds – to more meetings, farms, gardens, galleries, museums, schools, festivals and gatherings of all sorts over the coming months and years.

And we hope to spark something in you, and to add and share your contribution alongside our existing exhibitions.
Victoria Costa

2013: The Road of Development

2012: Embodied Ecological Heritage

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