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A Thatch for Santa Cruz Fundraiser

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Please consider donating, even just a few dollars, to support the ability of small village leaders to manage their own resources and benefit from tourist funds.

Featured Content

Ethnography Matters
in a world full of press releases and fake news, contribute your perspective on why ethnographic methods are so important

Shifting Stereotypes
a fully immersive exhibition seeking to confront the prejudice associated with stereotyping

Reconsider Dissemination:
The Road of Development

a multi-media installation offering a unique and creative opportunity for scholars and artists to translate the various stages on the road of development

Ask a (cool) Anthropologist
y/our questions about anything, thoroughly researched and translated by our (cool) anthropological rockstars

Ethical Dilemmas
tied up (for brief moments) in a series of ethical dilemmas in various places all around the world

Friday Photos
a (mostly) weekly Photo Series showcasing a (cool) anthropologist's perspective, either from the field or their interpersonal world

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