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The Deer Dance – Santa Cruz, Toledo, Belize – January 2016

young boy dressed as the jaguar

On Wednesday, January 6th, 2016, in the community of Santa Cruz in the Toledo District, Belize, community members, school children, visitors and passers-by had the chance to witness the beginning of the Deer Dance. Beginning a traditional Maya celebration continuing

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This is Not a Ship

Mobile Borders

Mobile Borders, Istanbul Modern, Transnational Surreal Surreality overtook me when I found myself unexpectedly confronting a gargantuan cruise ship moored alongside the Istanbul Modern art museum in June 2013. The enormous vessel imposed a kind of movable landscape, as if

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The People of the the People’s Climate March, NYC

wrapped in the american flag

Smell is a powerful connecting force. Walking through the 300,000+ crowd at the People’s Climate March in New York City this past Sunday, September 21st, I was comforted to smell the familiar scent of burning tree sap. The familiarity was

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A Tsunami of Homes

Vibrant Colors

Gentrification-By-Subdivision in Transnationalized South Phoenix Since 2001 South Phoenix has been on a rollercoaster ride from disinvestment to reinvestment and back. Substandard housing stock in this historically redlined Latino and African American barrio/ghetto thwarts the house-lust of the prototypical gentrifier

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Living on the Edge

Guatemala is a country of incredible beauty and intensely troubled history. At Lago Atitlan, famously proclaimed by Aldous Huxley to be “the most beautiful place of earth,” the watery edge of the volcanic crater is a place that exemplifies this

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Cool Installations #aaa2013

At the Education Station‘s mission is to expand the reach of anthropological research through informed discussions and dissemination. We do this through several different means- conceptualizing and/or collaborating on projects, designing teaching tools, electronic outreach. Perhaps one of most exciting means of dissemination

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Road of Mirrors

In the Middle

As we’ve been preparing for next week’s debut of our latest installation, “On the Road of Development,” I’ve been thinking quite a bit about perspective: what an anthropological perspective offers to discussions about issues of education, environment, infrastructure or economics,

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An Evening in Lima

Lit Up!

Afternoon turns to evening as families, friends and lovers take in the hazy sunset over Lima’s urban sprawl enclosed by the rolling mountains. The cross on the hill, or el Cruz del cerro San Cristobal, provides the ideal spot for

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The Fall and Rise of Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Standing 7,970 feet above sea level in the Andes mountains of Peru, the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu is probably among the most recognized and celebrated archaeological sites in the world. Its fame is not simply a result of

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“Anti-Columbus Day” Celebrations at Tikal, 2011

Mask of the Conquistador

For Maya communities in Guatemala and Belize, mid-October is a time to remember and participate in celebrations that were important to mark the passing of years long before Columbus arrived in this part of the world. These photos capture moments

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A Thatch for Santa Cruz Fundraiser

Olimometer 2.52

Please consider donating, even just a few dollars, to support the ability of small village leaders to manage their own resources and benefit from tourist funds.

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