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What is the most important quality I need to be an anthropologist?

I get asked this question quite a lot and I always give the same answer: humility. Now, there are many qualities that I think are helpful in being a good anthropologist but I believe, in some sense, humility captures many

What should I look for in an anthropology program?

Every Direction Leads to Learning

We were asked by Selena, a student pursuing anthropology at the graduate level, How do you pick a good school/program for studying Anthropology? and What kind of questions should I ask the program director? Maybe it’s just us, but, more

What is the difference between Anthropology and Sociology?

Qualitative vs. Quantitative Example

This is a question that came in a while ago from an anonymous undergrad, one which we encourage you to answer or discuss in the comment section below. It is one that I answer a lot with students as well

What do you think about the #SantaCruz13?

Many of you have learned about the unsettling events taking place in Belize, which have become particularly visible in relation to the village of Santa Cruz in the Toledo district the past two weeks. I have been asked to offer

What do Native Americans think about Archeology?

George Gillette Upset Over Missouri Dam

We receive many questions on various anthropological topics, and we seek out anthropologists who are both cool and specialists in their respective fields to work on the most current answers for you. When we received this anonymous message asking a

Do you think humans can play a role in driving their own evolution through sheer will?

Blonde Melanesians

We thought it only fitting to open this column with the question that created the spark that was to grow into the collaboration that cool anthropology is today. In 2004, a few days after the end of the introductory anthropology

A Thatch for Santa Cruz Fundraiser

Olimometer 2.52

Please consider donating, even just a few dollars, to support the ability of small village leaders to manage their own resources and benefit from tourist funds.

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#AnthroHack Guttman 2018 join us for an incredible day of hacking, food, swag and fun- the plugin we create through this event will become a free, open educational resource available to social scientists, researchers and students around the world!

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