Ask a (cool) Anthropologist

Strip Down to the Core of Your CuriosityWith this column we hope to focus us on the very meat of what cool anthropology was conceived to be- a place where you can turn to find scholarly research presented in a way that you want to hear it- in a way that makes it easier to have real conversations about how those ideas affect your lives.

We welcome questions about humans and what they do- across time and around the world. We want to bust up your notions about other cultures. We want to challenge what you thought was normal behavior. We want to illuminate the variables throughout this vast spectrum of experience that make up the who of us.

We plan to do this with cool, scholarly research.

Is there anything you've ever wanted to ask a cool anthropologist?

What is the most important quality I need to be an anthropologist?

What should I look for in an anthropology program?

What is the difference between Anthropology and Sociology?

What do you think about the #SantaCruz13?

What do Native Americans think about archeology?

Do you think humans can play a role in driving their own evolution through sheer will?

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