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sociocultural/medical/environmental/ecological anthropologist

sociocultural / medical environmental / ecological cool anthropologist @kristinabaines

Kristina Baines is an Assistant Professor at CUNY, Guttman CC. She can usually be found considering how being on a particular patch of Earth affects our wellness, and she attempts to translate all those convoluted data so that humans can understand, use and, perhaps, even enjoy them. She’s been formally trained in applied, sociocultural, ecological and medical anthropology at Florida Atlantic University (BA, MA), the University of Oxford (MSc) and the University of South Florida (PhD). Her interests include environment + health intersections, ecological heritage, phenomenology and educational anthropology. She has conducted research in Belize, Guatemala, Peru and South Florida. In some circles, she is known as the “Corn Lady.” Review a comprehensive list of her academic contributions at or communicate with her directly via

a life of winning by the sea

a life of winning by the sea @victorycoast

Victoria Costa is usually found considering potential trajectories for cool, critical thoughts about the world and our everyday lives. She (co)founded, a web and print promotion company, so that she could enable creative folks to disseminate, and monetize, their grand ideas. She was endorsed as an Honorary Anthropologist at a restaurant by the Med Anths in Oxford several years ago, has attended countless anthropological meetings and conferences and is stoked to enable so many brilliant anthropologists to re/consider how ideas are translated and released unto the world. She strongly believes that information must be free for consideration and utilization beyond the closed circuits of our niche communities. Feel free to check out her personal site,, or to initiate a connection with

A Thatch for Santa Cruz Fundraiser

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Please consider donating, even just a few dollars, to support the ability of small village leaders to manage their own resources and benefit from tourist funds.

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